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How to troubleshoot the servo feeder?

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When using the servo feeder, some minor faults often occur. So, servo feeder will generally appear what fault? Servo feeder fault generally has the following five kinds:

UseServo feederThere are often some glitches. So, servo feeder will generally appear what fault? Servo feeder fault generally has the following five kinds:

1. The feeding error has a fixed direction. There are several reasons for this problem: insufficient feed roller pressure; too long or too short feed length; burrs or foreign matter in the mold. In order to solve different problems, is it appropriate to increase the pressure, coil width and mold guide plate? Or whether the fixture and the CNC feeder are in a straight line, check the blanking plate and the stripping plate.

2. Sudden errors during feeding. This situation is caused by errors in the adjustment of materials by the NC feeder, whether the leveling machine matches the servo feeder, whether the distance between the leveling machine and the numerical control feeder, the height of the material arc, whether the number of turns of the punch is appropriate, and the large transmission gap between the roller and the servo motor. At this time, just tighten the belt of the pulley.

3. The error and direction of the feeding amount are not allowed, generally because metal or other foreign matter enters the feed roller or gear, and the start and relaxation of the feeding interfere with the action sequence of the punch. The rollers slip as the material is fed into the feeder. To understand the cause of the failure, you only need to adjust for different problems.

4. The feeding amount is twice or more than usual, which often happens. The terminals of the microswitch and servo feeder activation shall be checked immediately for noise interference. If there is noise interference, replace the wire between the micro switch and the junction box. And use metal mesh to isolate the line.

5. Sometimes the roller release is not smooth, which is caused by the abnormal signal of the press release cam micro switch SW, the deviation of the feeding direction, and the abnormal operation of the air compressor. At this time, it is only necessary to properly adjust the air compressor or replace the solenoid valve, cylinder, pipeline, etc., and check whether the wire falls off or replace the micro switch or relay in the electrical box.