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Servo feeder selling several major advantages

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The reasons for the best-selling servo feeder are nothing more than four aspects: high precision, large step distance, convenient operation and adjustment, and low failure rate.

  Servo feederThe reasons for the best-selling are nothing more than four aspects: high precision, large step distance, convenient operation and adjustment, and low failure rate.

During the operation of the servo feeder, when the feeding time is reached, the punch is fed into the feeder with a feeding signal. PLC controls the operation of the servo motor. The servo motor drives the lower roller to rotate through the synchronous pulley, and the lower roller drives the upper roller through gears to complete the step-by-step feeding of the feeder. When the relaxation time is reached, the punch sends a relaxation signal to the feeder, and the relaxation cylinder lifts the upper roller to separate the upper roller from the material to achieve complete relaxation, the numerical control system adopts high standards in the same industry, and the specific conditions ensure the stability of the feeding situation of various materials and the high quality of the products.

Large feeding step, segment feeding production isServo feederAnother major advantage of the servo feeding step can reach 0-10 meters, which is incomparable to other punch feeders. At the same time, it has a multi-stage feeding function, and can continue to use the original feeder when replacing different molds and different stamping processes. Just adjust the feed height of the servo feeder to fundamentally meet the diversified production needs of customers.

Easy operation and adjustment is the obvious advantage of servo feeder. The touch screen point control operation, step distance, feeding speed and number of segments can be set conveniently and quickly on the touch screen, and is equipped with a handle, which is convenient for inching and is very convenient for mold test.

Low failure rate and easy maintenance is another key point of customer choice.Servo feederThe roller is made of imported bearing steel, which is finely ground after heat treatment and hard chrome plating. It has high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life. Bearings, main electrical components and buttons are all imported from Japan to ensure long-term use without faults. Servo motor has automatic fault prompt and resolution function when in use, which can solve the customer's fault as soon as possible and fundamentally ensure the effective working time of the customer.