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Yitian shares invite you to attend the 17th Tianjin Industrial Fair

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Tianjin Machine Tool Exhibition, an important sub-exhibition of the 17th Tianjin Industry Fair, hosted by Zhenwei Exhibition, a global exhibition service provider, will be held in Meijiang, Tianjin from June 3 to 6, 2021. Tianjin Machine Tool Exhibition is an international brand exhibition certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). It has received strong support from national government departments, more than 30 industry associations and more than 40 international embassies and chambers of commerce. The exhibition is divided into exhibition areas such as metal cutting, metal forming, sheet metal and laser, surface treatment, tool accessories and CNC systems, bringing together the digital, intelligent and information-based innovations in the field of machine tools around the world. presenting a full range of equipment and technical products in the field of CNC machine tools from an international perspective is a comprehensive platform integrating brand display, technical exchange, information release, international discussion and market development. Reaching a deal is our only pursuit!