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ETONE Precision Punch——Three factors of precision punch capability

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Precision punch capacity of three factors when using a punch to operate, the pressurization capacity, torque and work ability can never exceed the specification value.

1. Precision punch capacity of three factors when using a punch to operate, the pressurization capacity, torque and work ability can never exceed the specification value.

In the event of exceeding the specification value of the operation, then not only the punch will thus be damaged, but also the risk of personal accidents, must be very careful. 1.1 Pressurized capacity The so-called "pressurization capacity", refers to: in the punch structure can safely withstand the load of the ability to place the maximum allowable pressurization capacity below the position. However, considering the difference of material thickness, tensile tension (hardness), the change of lubrication state or wear of die, the pressurization ability must be given a certain degree of comfort.

In particular, the stamping work carried out includes the punching pressure of the punching and shearing process, which must be limited as follows, when the punching process which may occur through the impact load.

Limitations of punching and shearing capacity The APA (V) Type .......

Less than 70% of pressurization capacity The APA (H) Type .......

Less than 60% of pressurization capacity If the limit value is exceeded, the connecting part of the slider and the machinery may be damaged. In addition, the pressurization capacity is calculated by the uniform load of 60% of the central part of the mold seat, so avoid loading the concentrated load of the large load on a small area, or the load force deviating from the center's eccentric load (1).

If you have to work under extremely severe concentrated loads or eccentric loads, consult the Thai Yi da Punch Technical Department (0574-86198848).

1.2 Torque capacity The pressurization capacity of the punch varies according to the position of the slider. This change is indicated by the "Stroke pressure curve". When using this machine, the workload needs to be less than the addition pressure shown in the curve.The torque capacity does not have a safety device, and the overload safety device or chain contained above is a device corresponding to the load capacity and is not directly related to the "torque capability" described in this subparagraph.

1.3 Working ability so-called "work ability", is "operational energy", that is, each pressure of the amount of homeworkThe energy owned by the Flywheel is limited to the energy that can be used for a single operation in the output of the main motor, and if the punch is used in a range beyond the ability to work, the speed decreases and the main motor stops due to heat.

1.4 Card die cards generally occur in the case of operations that exceed the torque capacity, which can also be caused when the clutch is not fully integrated and the load is applied.This phenomenon will have an adverse effect on the clutch, so once found, it should be stopped immediately before the operation or on the way to work, and take necessary measures to prevent recurrence.

1.5 The ability to allow eccentricity should basically avoid eccentric load, the occurrence of eccentric load will cause the slider and Workbench tilt, please limit the use of the load to ensure the safety of the machine.

1.6 Intermittent travel number in order to make the machine in the best condition, to ensure the service life of the clutch brake, please follow the required intermittent itinerary (SPM) to use the following.If the number of intermittent journeys above the procedure is exceeded, it will cause abnormal wear of the friction plate of the clutch brake, which is prone to failure.