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What are the antifreeze measures of punching machine?

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The safety margin of the punch surface area cannot be too large, that is, it cannot exceed 10% of the calculated value.

Due to the use of the different environment, so in the low temperature environment can also be widely seen in the use of equipment, however, in order to be able to effectively maintain the efficiency of the use of equipment, the relevant antifreeze measures are also very important, then you know how to do antifreeze measures?stamping machinesmall make up a simple understanding to see it!
1. The safety margin of the surface area of the punch cannot be too large, that is, it cannot exceed 10% of the calculated value.
2. The water flow in the coil should not be too small. If the situation deteriorates, it is recommended that the flow should not be less than 0115 m/s.
3. When using variable flow control, the outdoor 0 ℃ condition should be checked and calculated.
4. When the hot medium of the punch is steam, the installation position of the trap should be more than 300mm away from the Du Yu punch, and the return water should flow from the punch to the return water tank.
5. The flow direction of the heat medium of the punch should be parallel to the flow direction of the air, but the current flow direction of the heat medium is mostly opposite to the air flow direction of the household punch. This is of course beneficial for heat exchange, but is not conducive to anti-freezing, especially when the heat medium is water, which is more likely to freeze at lower temperatures.
6. In cold areas, the cooling and heating of the fresh air unit should not share a set of coils.
To sum up, it isstamping machineXiao Bian Narrator: About the relevant knowledge of the anti-freezing measures and methods of the punch, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, it is suggested that you can pay attention to this website, and the relevant knowledge will be updated in the future.