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Solutions to common problems of punch press

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Punching machine is also called punching machine. In national production, punch press technology has been more and more widely used because of its advantages of saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators, and products that cannot be achieved through various mold applications.

Punch also calledpunching and rollingmachine. In national production, the punch process has the advantages of saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators and through variousDie sleeveThe application of mechanical processing can not be achieved by the advantages of products and other widely used.

1) The main reasons for the rapid wear of the punch:

PunchDie sleeveSmall clearance, general Han JianDie sleeveThe total clearance is the thickness of the material20% and 25%. Poor alignment of male and female dies, including poor precision of die holder, guide die assembly, turret insert sleeve, etc. Punch overtemperature is mainly due to long time with the moldpunching and rollingCauses the punch to overheat.Die sleeveImproper grinding methodWillleads to annealing andDie sleeveWear. Local unilateral punching, such as step punching, corner punching or shearing, lateral force of aluminum alloy door and window accessoriesWillDeflecting the punch to one side, the gap on this sideWilldecrease, resulting inDie sleeveSevere wear. If the machine toolDie sleeveInstallation accuracy is not high, punchWillsevere deviation from the upper die, resulting in punch andDie sleevedamage.


2)Die sleeveMaterial problem

Scrap edge reboundWillCaused by the mold strip, its related factors: The greater the sharpness of the mold edge, the greater the fillet of the edge, the more likely it is to cause the scrap edge to rebound. EnterDie sleeveThe modulus of the punch into each upper position is certain,Die sleeveModulus small, easy to cause waste rebound.

preventDie sleeveMethod of stripping: Use special female mold to prevent stripping. Aluminum alloy door and window accessories.Die sleeveOften sharpened and degaussed. Increase the chip gap. Use hypotenuseN mode instead of flat side mode.Die sleeveInstall the stripper. Reasonable increaseDie sleeveInlet modulus.

3)Die sleeveon neutral issues

Where the face towel cloth is easy to perforate,Die sleeveThe amount of wear varies, some parts have large scratches and wear fast, in narrow rectanglesDie sleeveis particularly evident on. The main reason for this problem: The design accuracy or machining accuracy of the punch turret is insufficient, mainly due to the misalignment of the mold mounting seats of the upper and lower turntables.Die sleeveThe design or accuracy is not up to the requirements. The precision of die guide sleeve is not enough.Die sleeveImproper gap selection. To preventDie sleeveIf the wear is inconsistent, the centering rod should be used to regularly check and adjust the alignment of the tool holder and the machine tool mounting seat.

4)punching die sleeveDamage Cause Inspection

1. Checkpunching die sleeveWhether the manufacturing materials are suitable and the hot burial process is reasonable. Ifpunching and rollingThe quenching temperature of the die is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable, the tempering time and temperature are unreasonable, and the elbow of the elbow joint is improperly selected.punching and rollingAfter productionWillCauseDie sleevedamage. The size or depth of the blanking hole is not designed enough, which is easy to block the groove and damage the blanking plate. If the spring force design is too small or the height of the contour sleeve is not equal, the springWillBroken, blanking plateWilltilt, resulting in overlappunching and rollingand damaged parts. If it is not properly fixed or the screw is not strong enough, the punch mayWillFalling or breaking.

2. Usepunching die sleevethe installation position and direction of the parts are incorrect, or the bolts are not fastened properly. Feeding equipment failure and punch abnormalWillleadpunching die sleevedamage. If foreign material enterspunching die sleeve, Parts overlap, scrap blockage, etc. If it is not handled in time, it is easy to damage the blanking plate, punch, lower template andDie sleeveGuide pillar.