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What are the safety operation procedures of servo feeder?

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Servo feeder as a new type of production machine on the operator's requirements are relatively strict, so the operator in the use of the machine, to strictly follow the safety system operating procedures, then, a brief introduction to the safety of the servo feeder.

Servo feederAs a new type of production machine, the requirements for the operator are relatively strict, so when the operator uses the machine, he must strictly follow the safety system operating procedures. Next, I will briefly introduce it to you.Servo feederSafety operation procedures.

13. This operation procedure must be observed when using the equipment. It is forbidden to make loud noises, play and chase in the workshop, and touch and start various switches at will without the consent of the instructor.

2Before using the product feeder, the power connection line, control line and power supply must be checked first. Overvoltage, phase loss and frequency discrepancy shall not be allowed. The mold should be firm, the upper and lower molds should be aligned to ensure the correct position, and the machine tool should be moved by hand to test blanking to ensure that the mold development is in a good condition.

3The safety protection and control devices on the equipment shall be used correctly and shall not be dismantled arbitrarily.

42. Check whether the machine tool and protection device of each transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the machine tool are normal. The installed mold screws must be firm and must not be moved.

5When the machine is running, the operator should stand properly, keep a certain distance from the machine with his hands and head, and pay attention to it at all times. It is forbidden to chat with others.


6Check whether the feeding equipment can meet all the safety technical specifications, guidelines and power connection conditions of the enterprise. Keeping the workplace and machines clean helps to improve work safety and efficiency.

7,Servo feederWhen working, the operator cannot leave the equipment. When the equipment is set incorrectly or unstable, it should be stopped immediately and the team leader should be consulted. The machine can be reused after the fault is resolved.

8When there is a problem or fault, cut off the power supply immediately and report to the on-site team leader immediately. Do not operate or handle the fault without authorization. On-site management instructors shall make relevant information records. Kan

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