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Servo feeder can bring what convenience?

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The factory pays attention to work efficiency, and the application of servo feeder provides convenient service for the production of enterprises, which saves time and cost for enterprises. Next, the editor will give you a brief introduction.

Servo feederThe factory pays attention to work efficiency, the application of servo feeder provides convenient services for the production of enterprises, saving time and cost for enterprises.

1, Save time, our manual feeding will be more inconvenient, some materials need to be aligned with the feeding direction to accurately feed, usually it takes seven or eight minutes to complete a material. If you chooseServo feederIt only takes ten seconds to complete the feeding action.

2Save labor costs. If we do large-scale mold production, some materials will weigh several tons, so a few tons of materials will definitely need a lot of people to complete, and a large amount of labor costs will need to be paid. Obviously, we use servo feeder. Only two people control the machine, you can complete the task and save labor costs.


3Improve work efficiency. In the previous production technology industry of machinery enterprises, when there was no feeder, the daily production of mold factories was over several hundred. Obviously, many customers transformed their mechanical production methods and purchased servo feeders. The daily completion of molds can reach thousands, and the work efficiency has obviously improved.

The above is a brief introduction to youServo feederThe convenience brought by it, I hope it can help you.

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