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What is the function of the steel frame punch?

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What are the specific aspects of the function of the steel frame punch? Next, let the editor briefly introduce to you.

Steel Frame PunchWhat are the main functions of the specific aspects of it? Next, let the editor briefly introduce to you.

12. Before processing and assembling precision stamping dies, a clear understanding of the die structure, working principle, product shape, vehicle matching relationship and related process modeling should be made, so as to have a clear understanding of factors such as rounded corners, ridge lines, impact marks, and draft surface angles in the assembly process, thus making the assembly and debugging process clear in thinking and order, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also ensures the quality.

21. The feeding resistance of each part of the pressing surface is different,Steel Frame PunchThe surface quality is easily affected by the movement of the top of the punch, and even serious cracking and wrinkling may occur. The transition of the pressing surface is smooth, the feeding resistance is uniform, and the contact part between the punch and the drawing blank is close to the center when the punch starts to draw, and the drawing forming is good. In order to uniformly feed each part of the surface of the roller gap resistance, in addition to the shape design of the passing roller gap surface and reasonable measures to draw the bead, the gap diagram design should also be closely combined during processing and assembly. The drawing die pressing surface is placed 50 along the drawing bead and the pressing surface is reduced by 0.15. The height of the drawbead is calculated by digital model, and the depth of the drawbead groove is deepened by 1mm.


3,Steel Frame PunchUnder the condition of ensuring that the secondary processing is in place, during the assembly design process of the drawing die, the profile shall be repaired and polished, and the grinding wheel and electric grinding tools shall be avoided as much as possible to study and polish the profile, ridge fillet, etc., so as not to affect the quality of product development and molding work. On the contrary, oilstone should be used first and then polished by sandpaper. Each kind should be carried out in strict accordance with the method of first coarse and then fine. Polishing should not be carried out in the same direction because of the seesaw method.

The above is the whole content of the function of the steel frame punch that Xiaobian introduced to you. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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