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Common Problems and Solutions of Die in the Use of Steel Frame Punch

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The punch is a studio that can be used in many functions, because the materials used are different, and the steel frame punch is accepted by many people because of its material advantages. There will also be many common problems in the use process. Next, the editor will briefly introduce the common problems and solutions of the mold during the use of the steel frame punch.

The punch is a studio that can be used in many functions because the materials used are different,Steel Frame PunchBecause of its material advantage is accepted by many people. There will also be many common problems in the use process. Next, the editor will briefly introduce it to you.Steel Frame PunchCommon problems and solutions of molds during use.

1The main reason why the punch wears too fast

One-sided partial punching, for example, step punching, angle of attack or shearing, the lateral force of aluminum alloy door and window fittings will make the punch biased to one side, and the gap of the side will be reduced, which will lead to serious wear of the die. If the die installation accuracy is not high, the die will be biased by the die head bias, which will cause the punch to pass the upper die, thus causing damage to the die.

2Mold material problem

The sharpness of the cutting edge of the die, the larger the fillet of the cutting edge, the easier it is to develop and cause these scraps to rebound.


3, mold to neutral issues.

Die in the use of towel prone to punch core on each side of the position of the wear amount is different, the core of each side of the wear amount is different, some parts have larger scratches, wear faster, this situation in the narrow rectangular mold obvious.

4Fatigue damage of die spring

Steel Frame PunchIt is easy to overlook a problem in use. Aluminum alloy door and window accessories are sufficient to ensure the service life of the mold spring. Springs also require periodic maintenance or replacement. However, many users can repair mold equipment and molds, but often ignore the maintenance of mold springs.

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