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Is the feeder expensive? Classification of feeder

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Is the feeder expensive? Classification of feeder Is the feeder expensive? It mainly depends on what kind of feeder you choose, and the price of different types is different. Next, we will look at the material type of the feeder.

  Feeder PriceIs it expensive? Classification of Feeder

Is the feeder expensive? It mainly depends on what kind of feeder you choose, and the price of different types is different. Next, we will look at the material type of the feeder.

1. Paper feeder: manipulator, servo paper feeder, pneumatic paper feeder, automatic paper feeder. Do not need to use the reel material as raw material, can cooperate with single mode, compound die, progressive die for continuous stamping blanking work, the work efficiency is 2~10 times of manual, no one is negligent. The sheet feeder developed by our company has strong versatility, wide application range, suitable size and thickness. A feeder can be easily installed on any punch, and it is very convenient to install and debug. It is especially suitable for small batch and multi-specification automated production, and more suitable for medium and large batch automated production. The price of this feeder is OK, not particularly expensive.

2. Feeder: automatic clamping feeder, automatic feeding machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic clamping feeder. The belt feeder can be customized according to the customer's machine tool and material. The whole pile of materials is stacked on the material rack, which is automatically handled by the manipulator and automatically fed and stamped. If there is too much oil between the materials and the two materials stick together, the customer will help deal with it. The manipulator is installed on both sides of the machine tool mold, and the mold opening distance needs to be greater than 300mm. Suitable for automatic uncoiling of large plates. The product needs to automatically fall under the mold. ThisFeeder PriceIt is more expensive because of the high degree of automation.

3. Coil feeder: servo feeder, trinity feeder, air feeder, high-speed roller feeder, left and right swing feeder, servo offset feeder, leveling feeder, left and right shift feeder. The coil feeder is suitable for continuous production of coil materials. It is a type of continuous feeding. It can produce continuous coil feeders: air feeders, high-speed roller feeders, servo feeders, and swing feeders.

4. High-speed roller feeder: The roller feeder is the most widely used feeding equipment. Its principle is to connect the output shaft of the punch through the connecting rod, and the punch drives the press to run. Adjust the feeding length of the feeder by adjusting the offset amplitude of the eccentric disc. Advantages of high-speed roller feeder: high feeding accuracy, fast speed, no additional power supply, and extremely low failure rate. Disadvantages of high-speed roller feeder: Due to the limited eccentricity, the feeding length can only reach 300mm, and it is not convenient to adjust the feeding step length. The punch needs to install an output shaft.

5. Blower: Blower is one of the earliest air supply equipment used in the stamping industry. The principle is to use the air source as the power to clamp the material through the cylinder, and the material is fed by the telescopic stroke of the cylinder. The feeding length is adjusted by adjusting the length of the cylinder stroke. Feeder advantages: simple operation, easy installation, affordable, can achieve the lowest price of automatic stamping feeding equipment. In actual production, it is mainly used for stamping products with low feeding precision and fast speed. Disadvantages of the feeder: it is easy to damage the material, and the wear of the O-ring will affect the feeding accuracy.